Reusable Clarity Champagne Flute

At the end of their life, this British-made reusable Clarity champagne flute and reusable prosecco glass is 100% recyclable.

Material: Polycarbonate

Capacity (oz): 4.4 to line / 5.28 to brim

Capacity (ml): 125 to line / 150 to brim

Diameter (mm): 56

Height (mm): 200

Features: Virtually unbreakable | CE marked 125ml to line | 100% recyclable

Another member of the Clarity range of polycarbonate reusable glasses is the reusable Clarity champagne flute.

Polycarbonate has the look and feel of actual glass but is virtually unbreakable, providing you with a great option for large scale events whilst complying with H&S regulations.

Reusable Clarity champagne flute for parties & hospitality events

This is CE marked 125ml to line and has elegant contours, so you can be sure that the end user experience is still of the highest quality.

A huge difference between disposable & reusable champagne flutes

At the end of their life, these British-made champagne and prosecco glasses are 100% recyclable, with the overall reusable cups and glasses concept all contributing to a reduction in single-use plastic….and these champagne flutes compared to disposable champagne flutes really are a million miles apart.

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