ONE Planet ONE Chance® Cup Keeper

Our ONE Planet ONE Chance® Cup Keeper available in both small and large size can hold up to 6 cups

Our Cup Keepers, available in small and large sizes, are a great way for you to carry up to 6 pints/half pints from the bar at one time, helping to reduce the amount of time you have to spend queuing!  

Pocket sized cup keeper for festival goers


It folds to pocket-size and is simple to use, simply snapping out into place ready to accommodate 6 reusable pints or coffee cups, for instance. 

The cup holder is a sale item so you can take it away at the end of the event and use at other events you visit!  It is also 100% recyclable in keeping with our environmentally-sound solutions.

Reusable cup schemes & Cup Keepers available here online at Event Cup Solutions


Contact the experts here at Event Cup Solutions to discuss how our Cup Keeper and reusable plastic cup schemes can help you and your event move towards a more green, sustainable future.

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