Bottoms Up Reusable Cups

Event Cup Solutions: The UK Reusable Cup Service Partner For Bottoms Up

Event Cup Solutions is delighted to be the UK reusable cup service partner for Bottoms Up. We provide a fast, efficient, reliable and affordable service to stadiums, venues and sites.
ECS has four regional wash centres across the UK meaning cups travel fewer miles to stadiums, venues & event sites, helping to reduce carbon impact. These hubs are all fitted with state-of-the-art, custom-made washing machines specifically designed to wash and dry plastic cups. With the capacity to wash in excess of 2 million cups per week and plans to open a further site in the North-East of England, ECS has the highest capacity of any reusable service provider in the UK.

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To discuss the complete service solution for your stadium or venue’s Bottoms Up cups, don’t hesitate to contact us today!